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4 Shrubs that Look Amazing in Winter

December begun with temperatures down to 20 °F / -7°C 🥶☀️❄️ Even though it was cold it felt wonderful to be outside thanks to the sunlight. After 6 weeks of overcast and rain we finally got some sun!

The garden looked beautiful with all the frost and the sunlight. Here are four shrubs that look extra beautiful in winter.

#1 Hydrangea ’Limelight’

#2 Boxwood

Boxwoods are simply amazing! They keep a dense, deep green structure no matter season. They also take well to pruning making the perfect for hedges and topiaries.

#3 Rhododendron

Rhododendron begins to bud up in late summer. They keep their buds though winter and bloom in spring. They keep their dark green foliage all year round.

#4 Bamboo

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  1. Viktig med planter som ser bra ut også om vinteren. Jeg skulle gjerne hatt flere. ’Limelight’ er en stor favoritt, og er den første Hydrangea jeg plantet. Nå har den blitt så stor at den får lys på og kan være ”juletre”. Ha en fin uke!