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Garden Design Plan in 3D

I’m working on a concept idea for a new garden. It’s a small family house with an entrance, narrow passages on both sides of of the house and a back garden. The garden is new so it’s basically a blank slate. Fun!

The digital tools available for garden designers are amazing! I can create the whole garden with buildings, elevations, textures and plants in detail.

When finished, I can walk though the garden, see what it will look like from the street or the kitchen window. I can see how the trees and shrubs will grow the first, second or 10th year. I can see what it will look like in spring, summer, fall and winter.

View from one of the seating areas in the back garden
The back garden
The north side of the house will be used for storage
The main flower bed
View from the street
A cosy seating area under a crabapple tree