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Amaryllis ‘White Star’ in Glass Vase

I planted a giant Amaryllis ”White Star” in a glass vase three weeks ago. At that point it didn’t look like much. Three weeks went quickly and it has begun to bloom.

It is the most beautiful decoration in the house. I get a smile on my face every time I come into this room 😍

Amaryllis ’White Star’

The wonderful thing about the giant bulbs is that they get three bloom stocks. When the first is done blooming the third is just starting.

DIY Amaryllis Arrangement for Christmas – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted a tutorial video on how to create an Amaryllis arrangement for Christmas. At that point it looked pretty with all the greens, but nothing compared to how it looks now when it’s bloomed! The photos don’t do it justice, it’s the most beautiful thing ❤️❤️❤️

Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Christmas arrangement with four Amaryllis ’Olaf’
Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Big, bold Amaryllis blooms
Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Nighttime. The lights on the Pergola in the back sure set the scene!

Giant Amaryllis with Moss in Round Vase

Today is Amaryllis day in Sweden! I’ve celebrated by planting a giant Amaryllis “White Star”. This time I tried something different than a regular pot. I used a simple vase with forest moss around the edges, regular potting soil in the middle with one huge amaryllis bulb. That’s it!

Amaryllis ”White Star” planted in a round vase. Can’t wait for it to bloom!

DIY Amaryllis Arrangement for Christmas – Video Tutorial

You can make this arrangement using Amaryllis bulbs or like I did, using bulbs that have already been planted. If you’re using unplanted bulbs you might want to plant them a few weeks before you put in the greens. The bulbs will need 6-8 weeks to bloom, depending on light and temperature. That’s quite along time for the greens to be indoor and you want to avoid them drying out.

After you’re finished, water in the arrangement. Continue to give small amounts of water every week until the Amaryllis has bloomed 💦

I can’t wait until the Amaryllises begin to bloom. Hopefully it’s look as striking as I imagine it with 8 huge red flower 🌲🌺🌿