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Youtube video: Hur jag satte ihop de färgglada krukorna

Gyllenlack orange rosa i krukarrangemang

I mitt förra inlägg visade jag bilder på mina sommarkrukor. Här är en video på hur jag satte ihop dem.

Spring Color with Pansies

plantera penseer i marken på våren

I’m so starved for spring, sun and color. This afternoon I planeted pansies in entrance flower bed to get it looking a bit more spring:ish. Just a few pansies did the trick!

I try to keep some empty space in my flower beds to use for early spring flowers. They cheer up the space long before tulips, daffodils and perennials have a chance to come up.

My tulips have gone rogue and are growing way too close to the edge.
These little guys will fill in quickly as soon as we get some warmer temperatures and stay pretty for months.
The flower bed looking a bit more cheerful

Spring Containers in Deep Purple, Yellow and White

vårkrukor julros penseer hyacint narcisstrccister

We’ve been having rain and storms though most of fall, winter and now in the begging of spring. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s been raining almost every day which of course feels a bit depressing. So. Today i defied the weather and planted up a few containers in the front entrance. It’s always a good idea to decorate areas of the garden you see on daily basis. That way you get to enjoy your decorations often.

The plants – some new and some that I already had in containers.
Heuchera ’Obsidian’, Hellborus, Hyacinths, Narcissus ’Tete a Tete’, Carex oshimensis ”Evergold” (looking a bit tired since I forgot to water it) and pansies.

An explosion of color! Just what I needed!
Pansies in the foreground, Heuchera ’Obsidian’ and Hyacinths in the back.

A trick when mixing different plants in the same group of containers is to stick to 2-3 colors. In this case the deep purple of the Pansy is mirrored by the Heuchera in the back.

Hellebore, Narcissus ’Tete a Tete’ and white pansies in the back. Hyacinth in the foreground.
Hyacinths underplanted with Pansies

Another good trick to keep in mind is to place bright colors at the back of the container. Dark colors blooms tent to disappear into the background if put in the back.

Easy to Make Christmas Wreath for Beginners

This is a really easy wrath that is perfect for beginners! Just mix 3-5 types of greens with different colors and structures. Poke in a few red decorations and you’re done!

Simple, yet pretty
Things I used (plus Juniper ’Blue Carpet’, that I forgot in the video)
Juniper ’Blue Carpet’ in the foreground makes the red pop
Tuck in fairy lights to make the wreath extra festive! ✨🌲☃️

Decorating the Porch for Christmas

My front porch got a Christmas makeover this weekend. I just gathered the wreaths and winter containers that i’ve made last week and put string lights on. We’re lucky to live close to many big forests so getting greens and using them for these types of projects is easy 🌲💡🌿

All the greens except for this garland are real. The garland is faux, I just don’t have the patient to make one that’s real.
My Christmas wreath. Video tutorial coming up as soon as I have the time to edit it.
A few string lights make everything look so pretty. Especially when the days are short.
Container arrangement with a mix of perennials and greens.
Click here for video tutorial and more photos
Hellebore ’Niger’
My winter wreath
Click here for video tutorial and more photos

DIY Make Your Own Winter Wreath – Video Tutorial

Video tutorial on how to make this simple winter wreath. Enjoy!

The greens came from my garden and from the forest. You can use pretty much any type of evergreens and your wreath will look pretty. For extra interest, mix different colors and textures.

Container Arrangement that will last though the Winter – Video Tutorial

trädgårdsstyling natalia lindberg

Here’s a simple arrangement that will last all though the winter. The plants I’ve used are cold tolerant and will do fine in a container. For extra interest I added cuttings from evergreens. They will eventually dry out but I’m counting on them looking nice for at least a few months.

Helleborus ’Niger’
Skimmia Japonica ’White Drarf’
Spruce from the forrest
Arborvitae ’Emerald Green’ from my garden
Tetarian Dogwood from my garden
Helleborus ’Niger’
The pumpkins from Halloween are still hanging in there

Late Fall Porch Decor in Deep Red Colors

My porch all set for late fall!

We had a first frost this weekend. The cold temperatures knocked out most of my fall containers with plants like Coleus and Begonias. The plants went to the compost and I cleaned up the front porch for late fall.

I usually do arrangements with three to four types of plants per container. But this year I thought I would try just one type of plant per container and instead to group the containers. It turned out really nice and clean!

Mums are such wonderful late fall plants!
Heuchera, I don’t remember the variety
Creeping Wire Vine
Helleborus Orientalis ‘Viv. Victoria’