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Christmas Succulent Arrangement

More and more Christmas decorations are sneaking into the house, like this Christmas succulent arrangement. I put it together today using plants and decorations that I already had.

Quick arrangements for Christmas are fun! You can push the light and water boundaries since they only need to last for a few weeks. When Christmas is over these plants are going back to a spot under grow lights and eventually I’ll use them for other arrangements.

White Kalanchoe always looks amazing in succulent arrangements
White Poinsettia isn’t a succulent and might need more water. I use a small cup for watering and direct more water to this part of the arrangement.

Succulent Terrarium for Halloween – Video Tutorial

I found a pretty plant terrarium on sale the other day and decided to make a decoration for Halloween. To get the Halloween look I added a plastic crow and a couple of spooky looking plants that I already had in the house.

Haworthia & Tillandsia Aeranthos air plant
Alan the bunny, helping out

Spooky Halloween Mini Garden 🏚🕷

Halloween decorations are so much fun! This year, I put together a spooky mini garden – with a mist maker!

Haworthia ’Attenuata
Pebbles from my garden turned into grave stones with the help of a black marker. Spanish moss adds to the spooky look. ⚰️🏴‍☠️
Little house on the hill, Jade plant (Crassula argentea), Haworthia, sheep moss and spiders 🏚🕷🌳

What I used

Container – I picked up a metal bowl for 2 dollars at the second hand store. It didn’t have drainage so I drilled 4 wholes in the bottom with a regular drill.

– Miniature house
– Plastic spiders
– Miniature sign
– Branches form Corkscrew Hazel – you can use any branches that look a bit spooky
– Green sheep moss
– Spanish moss
– Pebbles (gravestones)

– Jade plant (Crassula argentea)
Haworthia ’Attenuata

Mist maker – To top it all off I got a mist maker that I placed insed a plastic cup full of water. It might seem a bit over the top but I figured I’ll use it out in the garden later on.

Succulent Arrangement in Bonsai Pot

Another weekend with dull weather – another succulent arrangement. This time I used a pretty bonsai pot at the local garden center. I chose succulents that go well with the color of the pot – concrete grey with touches of red.

Panda Plant (Kalanchoe Tomentosa)

Succulents need good drainage. That means letting water rinse quickly. Here’s how you keep them happy:

  1. Use a container with drainage whole. My container didn’t have holes so used a regular drill to make two – one on each side of the pot.
  2. Use succulent or cacti potting soil. It’s basically potting soil with sand and grit that allows quick drainage.
  3. Water moderately, especially during the winter months. Every 10-14 days is usually enough.
Echeveria pulidonis (Pulido’s Echeveria), Sedum ’Aurora Blue’, Silver Sparkle Pilea

Succulent Miniature Garden

Succulent Miniature Garden
Kalanchoe, Croton (Codiaeum variegatum ’Petra’), Cotyledon ‘Tomentosa’, Echeveria ’Pulidonis’, Haworthia Aristata ’Zebra’,  Eve’s Needle cactus, Panda Plant (Kalanchoe Tomentosa)

We’ve had another rainy day. The wet weather makes it difficult to be in the garden so I’ve kept busy inside. My indoor plants (finally) got some attention and I put together a miniature succulent garden.

Succulent Miniature Garden

I often use a small Kalanchoe in my arrangements. They bring a pop of colors that’s hard to get with succulents alone.

Succulent Miniature Garden
Kalanchoe, Echeveria ’Pulidonis’, Haworthia Aristata ’Zebra’, Eve’s Needle Cactus, Panda Plant (Kalanchoe Tomentosa)
Succulent Miniature Garden

The Kalanchoe is back-planted with a Croton, which isn’t a succulent. Since it’s an ordinary house plant it needs more water. To make sure it gets the right amount and at the same time keep the low water succulents happy, I planted it in a separate pot. Before watering, I pop the small pot up, water it separately and that put it back in place.

A tip for adding house plants into low water succulent arrangements is to plant them in a separate pot.

Succulent Arrangement with a Fall Theme

I got my hands on a bunch of succulents for half price. I’ve been making arrangements and touring them up because they just didn’t look right.

After quite a few failed attempts I realized what the problem was: most of the succulents were dark green – there wasn’t enough contrast and the arrangements looked dull.

I needed whites, reds and yellows. The colors that just happen to be fall colors. Luckily I keep a box full of fall decorations for fall wreaths. They came quite handy!

Aeonium ‘Red Edge’, Crassula Ovata ’Gollum’, Peperomia ‘Picturesque’ and dried moss
Cactus ’Domino’, Crassula Ovata ’Gollum’

Succulent Arrangement

The garden center had a 50% off promotion on succulents. So there might be a few succulent arrangements coming up in the near future.

Here’s the first one out!

Echeveria ’Elegans’
Echeveria ’Black prince’
Echeveria ’black prince’, Cotyledon ’Tomentosa’ and Peperomia ’Picturesque’
My messy planting area