Make your garden appear bigger – place a path on the diagonal

The longest line in your garden is on the diagonal. Take advantage of it by placing you main garden path on the diagonal, making it as long as possible. A long path will make the whole garden appear bigger.

To trick the eye even more we’ve made the end of the path slightly narrower. Point A is only 65 cm (25 inch) wide while point B is 70cm (27 inch) wide. This adds to the perception of perspective making point A seem further away than it actually is when viewed from point B.

Point A is narrower than point B

The main path in my garden is a wooden boardwalk but the idea of a diagonal path works with any any material.

The boardwalk takes a turn behind the pergola, creating even more interest. Wonder what’s hiding there?

Pergola transformation in the making

There’s one messy area left in the garden: the pergola. It was here when we moved in and we’ve been using it for storage more than anything else. I would like to transform it into a cosy dining area.

This is what it looked like when we moved in.

This is what the area looks like today. We just finished the third and last trellis and now it’s time to paint.

I’m having such a hard time deciding on color. Here are my options.