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Youtube video: Hur jag satte ihop de färgglada krukorna

Gyllenlack orange rosa i krukarrangemang

I mitt förra inlägg visade jag bilder på mina sommarkrukor. Här är en video på hur jag satte ihop dem.

How to make Simple and Pretty Winter Evergreen Containers

vinterarrangemang trädgård

I’m so happy to show you these winter containers that I made using things from my garden and the forest. They turned out so pretty and cost me $0!

3 DIY Winter Terrariums with Regular Table Salt – Video Tutorial

The is a project that I’m excited to share. I made 3 really simple yet pretty winter terrariums using table salt! It’s always fun to create decorations using everyday things that most of us have laying around in the house.

The video shows all 3 terrariums. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Easy to Make Christmas Wreath for Beginners

This is a really easy wrath that is perfect for beginners! Just mix 3-5 types of greens with different colors and structures. Poke in a few red decorations and you’re done!

Simple, yet pretty
Things I used (plus Juniper ’Blue Carpet’, that I forgot in the video)
Juniper ’Blue Carpet’ in the foreground makes the red pop
Tuck in fairy lights to make the wreath extra festive! ✨🌲☃️

DIY Amaryllis Arrangement for Christmas – Video Tutorial

You can make this arrangement using Amaryllis bulbs or like I did, using bulbs that have already been planted. If you’re using unplanted bulbs you might want to plant them a few weeks before you put in the greens. The bulbs will need 6-8 weeks to bloom, depending on light and temperature. That’s quite along time for the greens to be indoor and you want to avoid them drying out.

After you’re finished, water in the arrangement. Continue to give small amounts of water every week until the Amaryllis has bloomed 💦

I can’t wait until the Amaryllises begin to bloom. Hopefully it’s look as striking as I imagine it with 8 huge red flower 🌲🌺🌿

DIY Make Your Own Winter Wreath – Video Tutorial

Video tutorial on how to make this simple winter wreath. Enjoy!

The greens came from my garden and from the forest. You can use pretty much any type of evergreens and your wreath will look pretty. For extra interest, mix different colors and textures.

Container Arrangement that will last though the Winter – Video Tutorial

trädgårdsstyling natalia lindberg

Here’s a simple arrangement that will last all though the winter. The plants I’ve used are cold tolerant and will do fine in a container. For extra interest I added cuttings from evergreens. They will eventually dry out but I’m counting on them looking nice for at least a few months.

Helleborus ’Niger’
Skimmia Japonica ’White Drarf’
Spruce from the forrest
Arborvitae ’Emerald Green’ from my garden
Tetarian Dogwood from my garden
Helleborus ’Niger’
The pumpkins from Halloween are still hanging in there

Succulent Terrarium for Halloween – Video Tutorial

I found a pretty plant terrarium on sale the other day and decided to make a decoration for Halloween. To get the Halloween look I added a plastic crow and a couple of spooky looking plants that I already had in the house.

Haworthia & Tillandsia Aeranthos air plant
Alan the bunny, helping out

Simple DYI Fall Wreath – Video Tutorial

I got asked to show how I go about making my wreaths by an online garden store. So I went outside of my comfort zone and made a video tutorial. I figured it was easier to show the process though a video than with photos.

The wreath is simple. The base is made out of dried ferns. For extra decoration I added dried Hydrangeas, Agastache, grasses and artificial acorns. The acorn were the only thing that did not come out of my garden.

Dried Ferns, dried Hydrangea ’Annabelle’, Agastache blooms, grass and acorns