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Birds in the Garden

I got a simple bird feeder and hung it outside of my kitchen window. It gets plenty of visitors, especially during the morning. Watching these little guys have breakfast is so cozy. They’re quite adorable ☺️

Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is Budding

Magnolia Loebneri ’Wildcat’ is starting to bud

Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is budding and is also getting quite a lot of visitors 🌳🐦🌸. If you’re looking for a tree that puts on quite a show while staying on the smaller side I can recommend this one.

It blooms in early spring with huge, white flowers that are big as a hand, smell heavenly and bloom for weeks.

The tree gets 7-10′ (2-3m) tall and slightly less wide. It prefers sun or part shade and can be planted in US zones 4-8 (Swe zones 1-3).

Giant bird feeder from Wildlife Garden

The bird feeder that we got a few weeks ago is doing it’s job! We’ve got tons of small birds in the garden while the bigger ones are staying away.

Giant Bird Feeder

Giant Bird Feeder from Wildlife Garden

I love wildlife in the garden! We get quite a lot of birds, butterflies, bees and occasionally a mouse and a toad. Since the garden is small and can’t fit that many things at once I usually swap the bee boxes for bird feeder in the fall.

This year I’ve got this giant bird feeder from Wildlife garden. I hope to pack it full so it will last more than a few days before I need to go out and refill it.

Giant Bird Feeder from Wildlife Garden
Giant bird feeder
Giant Bird Feeder from Wildlife Garden
View from the pergola. The bars are there to keep our bunnies out of my plants =)
Giant Bird Feeder from Wildlife Garden