Amaryllis ‘White Star’ in Glass Vase

I planted a giant Amaryllis ”White Star” in a glass vase three weeks ago. At that point it didn’t look like much. Three weeks went quickly and it has begun to bloom.

It is the most beautiful decoration in the house. I get a smile on my face every time I come into this room 😍

Amaryllis ’White Star’

The wonderful thing about the giant bulbs is that they get three bloom stocks. When the first is done blooming the third is just starting.

Galvanized Buckets for Christmas

trädgårdsstyling vinter julros natalia lindberg

I found these cute galvanized Christmas buckets at the garden center last weekend. The had some nice details, pretty wooden handles and weren’t too expensive so I got a two.

I figured they’d look pretty for Christmas and can be used afterwards as well. I’ll just rotate them to hide the Christmas text, then plant them up with annuals for spring. Spring colors usually look pretty and fresh in silverish containers.

Hellebore ’Christmas Carol’ top dressed with white moss
Top row: Hellebore ’Christmas Carol’, Lawson’s cypress ’Ellwoodii’, Flaky Juniper ’Blue Carpet’
Bottom row: Heather ’Garden Girls’ , White Hyacinths

4 Shrubs that Look Amazing in Winter

December begun with temperatures down to 20 °F / -7°C 🥶☀️❄️ Even though it was cold it felt wonderful to be outside thanks to the sunlight. After 6 weeks of overcast and rain we finally got some sun!

The garden looked beautiful with all the frost and the sunlight. Here are four shrubs that look extra beautiful in winter.

#1 Hydrangea ’Limelight’

#2 Boxwood

Boxwoods are simply amazing! They keep a dense, deep green structure no matter season. They also take well to pruning making the perfect for hedges and topiaries.

#3 Rhododendron

Rhododendron begins to bud up in late summer. They keep their buds though winter and bloom in spring. They keep their dark green foliage all year round.

#4 Bamboo

November Garden Photo Collage

We got a total of 10 hours of sun this November. Even though it was much less than we usually get this month felt cozy and colorful, much thanks to all the lights and decorations by our main entrance.

Tomorrow is the first of December. I’ll be spending this weekend decorating indoors. The Christmas trees are up next! 🎄🎁❄️

DIY Amaryllis Arrangement for Christmas – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted a tutorial video on how to create an Amaryllis arrangement for Christmas. At that point it looked pretty with all the greens, but nothing compared to how it looks now when it’s bloomed! The photos don’t do it justice, it’s the most beautiful thing ❤️❤️❤️

Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Christmas arrangement with four Amaryllis ’Olaf’
Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Big, bold Amaryllis blooms
Red amaryllis arrangement for Christmas
Nighttime. The lights on the Pergola in the back sure set the scene!

Birds in the Garden

I got a simple bird feeder and hung it outside of my kitchen window. It gets plenty of visitors, especially during the morning. Watching these little guys have breakfast is so cozy. They’re quite adorable ☺️

Big Winter Planter with Boxwood and Greens

Big Winter Planter with Boxwood and Greens
The big planter is all set for Winter

This planter was set for winter with Boxwood and lovely Heuchera for winter interest. Then my bunnies got to it! They ate the Heuchera down to soil level leaving the planter looking really sad.

After looking at the bare soil for a few weeks I got tired of seeing it look so sad. I didn’t want to add more plants since I hope the Heuchera will come back next spring. Insead I filled the while planter with greens. They’re from my garden or the forest so this arrangement cost me a total of $2 (for the red ornaments).

Big Winter Planter with Boxwood and Greens
Big Winter Planter with Boxwood and Greens
Big Winter Planter
Big Winter Planter with Boxwood and Greens

Christmas Succulent Arrangement

More and more Christmas decorations are sneaking into the house, like this Christmas succulent arrangement. I put it together today using plants and decorations that I already had.

Quick arrangements for Christmas are fun! You can push the light and water boundaries since they only need to last for a few weeks. When Christmas is over these plants are going back to a spot under grow lights and eventually I’ll use them for other arrangements.

White Kalanchoe always looks amazing in succulent arrangements
White Poinsettia isn’t a succulent and might need more water. I use a small cup for watering and direct more water to this part of the arrangement.

Giant Amaryllis with Moss in Round Vase

Today is Amaryllis day in Sweden! I’ve celebrated by planting a giant Amaryllis “White Star”. This time I tried something different than a regular pot. I used a simple vase with forest moss around the edges, regular potting soil in the middle with one huge amaryllis bulb. That’s it!

Amaryllis ”White Star” planted in a round vase. Can’t wait for it to bloom!

Easy to Make Christmas Wreath for Beginners

This is a really easy wrath that is perfect for beginners! Just mix 3-5 types of greens with different colors and structures. Poke in a few red decorations and you’re done!

Simple, yet pretty
Things I used (plus Juniper ’Blue Carpet’, that I forgot in the video)
Juniper ’Blue Carpet’ in the foreground makes the red pop
Tuck in fairy lights to make the wreath extra festive! ✨🌲☃️