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Visit to Peter Korn’s garden

Beautiful lupins and ”the meadow” in the background

Stepping into Peter Korn’s garden is like stepping into a completely different part of the world. Peter has created a unique ecosystem of ordinary plants like lupins and irises mixed with anything but ordinary plants like cactus. To grow cacti in Sweden seemed like magic to me, so I was very excited to visit this place.

The garden is set on a hillside with a view to die for. The borders are made out of sand and gravel – which is how Peter has gotten exotic plants to grow in a cool climate. If you’re curious to know more, Peter has written a book on about the garden.

More Lupins combined with yellow Irises
View of the pond
More pretty lupins
Nature taking over
Cosy corner of the garden. Water lilies are in bloom.

Peter was nice enough to give me one of the cacti he has grown. He ensured me that it will survive the Swedish winter as long as it gets plenty of sun and stays planted in sand. I gave it a new home in the sunniest corner of my garden.