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Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is Budding

Magnolia Loebneri ’Wildcat’ is starting to bud

Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is budding and is also getting quite a lot of visitors ???. If you’re looking for a tree that puts on quite a show while staying on the smaller side I can recommend this one.

It blooms in early spring with huge, white flowers that are big as a hand, smell heavenly and bloom for weeks.

The tree gets 7-10′ (2-3m) tall and slightly less wide. It prefers sun or part shade and can be planted in US zones 4-8 (Swe zones 1-3).

Giant bird feeder from Wildlife Garden

The bird feeder that we got a few weeks ago is doing it’s job! We’ve got tons of small birds in the garden while the bigger ones are staying away.