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november 2019

Krukarrangemang för vintern – video

Simple DIY Terracotta Christmas Decorations

It might be too early for Christmas decorations. But when my neighbour cut down his spruce and arborvitae and left a big pile of branches for taking I just couldn’t help myself.

Simple DIY Terracotta Christmas Decorations

This arrangement is really simple. I’ve used:

  • A 3.5 inch (9cm) terracotta pot
  • Soil to hold it all in place
  • Cuttings from a spruce with cones attached to it. Any thicker everygreen branches would work. Pack it full!
  • A few extra fake pine cones
  • Fake apples for some extra color
  • A gnome
Simple DIY Terracotta Christmas Decorations

An even smaller terracotta pot will serve as a home for this little Santa. I’ve used:

Simple DIY Terracotta Christmas Decorations
Christmas – only 2 month to go 😉

Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is Budding

Magnolia Loebneri ’Wildcat’ is starting to bud

Magnolia Loebneri ‘Wildcat’ is budding and is also getting quite a lot of visitors ???. If you’re looking for a tree that puts on quite a show while staying on the smaller side I can recommend this one.

It blooms in early spring with huge, white flowers that are big as a hand, smell heavenly and bloom for weeks.

The tree gets 7-10′ (2-3m) tall and slightly less wide. It prefers sun or part shade and can be planted in US zones 4-8 (Swe zones 1-3).

Giant bird feeder from Wildlife Garden

The bird feeder that we got a few weeks ago is doing it’s job! We’ve got tons of small birds in the garden while the bigger ones are staying away.

October Garden Photo Collage

Frost came early this year. Despite the cold nights the garden stayed colorful throughout October. Much thanks to all the evergreen climbers, perennials and shrubs.

It’s soon time to replace the pumpkins with Christmas light and decorations! Are you guys looking forward to that? ???